Resolutions for a New Year

It’s that time of year again, when we all sit down and think of ways we’d like to improve ourselves in the coming year. 2016 was a bust for a lot of people, and while I won’t exactly include myself in that group, I didn’t do many of the things I’d hoped to do this past year. Well, never fear, there’s always room and time for improvement! Onward to the goals!

Healthy Living

  1. Cut back on soda again. Start off with only 3/week and go down from there. Or at least stop making excuses to buy it, esp. at work.
  2. Walk 1mi at the mall twice a week OR bike 1mi on the exercise bike. Esp. after temp job ends and I’m not walking back and forth in the plant anymore.
  3. Stop eating so much junk food. Eat more fruits and veggies, less microwave food. Get a Subway sandwich instead (AND NO SODA).

The main idea here is that I want to form healthier habits, both in my food/drink consumption and in my general activity level. The unfortunate problem with many of my hobbies is that they’re sedentary – I don’t exactly move around a lot when, say, knitting. While I won’t lie that part of my motivation is to lose a little weight, it’s not the entire reason behind these goals. I think having healthy habits is its own reward, and losing some weight in the process is a nice bonus.


  1. Write at least 12k for the year– 1k/month.
  2. Work on The Outpost. Maybe get it to a point where I can start posting it. i.e., finish it.
  3. Figure out what to do about NaNoWriMo. What to write, whether I can handle it with work (if I have a job), etc.
  4. Participate in Camp NaNo both times. You never know what you might accomplish.
  5. Try submitting some fiction somewhere.

I have in the last year learned to set my writing goals at achievable lows, hence the 1k/month goal here. I can write 1000 words in a month. After you do so much, it’s kind of hard not to. The main project I want to work on is The Outpost, a TRON fanfiction set after TRON: Legacy. I worked on it a little at the end of this past summer, but hit a roadblock where I needed to do some more worldbuilding. I’m hoping to get that done before the new year actually arrives, and hopefully then I can make some progress when the time comes.

As for NaNoWriMo… It’s something I’ve done every year since 2004, and I’ve won eleven of the thirteen times I’ve participated. This past year ended up being a bust because I couldn’t handle the increased writing load along with my second shift job. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to do it at all if I get a permanent job, or if I’m in the same temp position I am now. I quit this year because the stress was really getting to me. I’ll be disappointed if I can’t do it again, but that might be for the best.  That said, Camp NaNoWriMo allows you to set your own goal, which means I can aim low and still achieve something.

I also made a goal about submitting fiction somewhere. I don’t know how that’s going to go, or where I’m going to submit, but that’s… definitely a thing. That I am going to see happen. Somehow.


  1. Read at least 25 books total.
  2. Read at least 10 new books.
  3. Read at least 5 new authors.

This set of goals is pretty straightforward. I want to expose myself to more new books and new authors. I want to read a lot, or at least a little. Two books a month (roughly) is a good goal; it’s just a matter of finding time to read, which is a little hard with my job. But I hold out hope that I can do it, which is all that matters in the end, I guess.


  1. Finish the lace scarf.
  2. Start and complete at least 3 projects.
  3. Get involved on Ravelry again.
  4. See about buying yarn from my friend who spins.

Here is a picture of the lace scarf.  (Or at least a picture of the first version of it before I had to frog and re-knit it with lifelines.) The pattern is fairly simple, so I’m hoping to finish it fairly quickly. I don’t know what my other three projects will be; I’ll probably find something on Ravelry. As for the yarn from my friend, I’ve already been informed that she’s going to give me some for Christmas, which is very nice, but if I can help her out by buying some, I’ll be more than happy to.


  1. Go to the movies at least 10 times.
  2. See at least 25 new movies (in theaters, online, or on DVD).
  3. Watch 100 movies total for the year OR watch every movie that I own, whichever comes first.
  4. Start writing movie reviews again.

Another pretty straightforward set of goals, though I feel I may be aiming too high with the 100 movies thing. Still, it’s something worth shooting for, and I’ve luckily got my Listography to help with keeping track of all the movies I watch. The last goal is related to this blog – I want to post reviews of things here, so why not add reviews of movies?

Other Hobbies

  1. Baking: Make macarons at least 3 times, with a different flavor each time. Bake muffins and cookies. Bake bread, like proper bread. Try something new, like a tart. Or that tasty stuff you see on Facebook all the time.
  2. Try to actually learn ukulele. Practice at least twice a week. Learn simple songs.
  3. Finish and get framed that Disney puzzle for my nieces. Maybe do a smaller puzzle as well.
  4. Blogging: Start that new blog like you’ve been meaning to. Populate it with reviews of things. And maybe writing stuff as well. Be active, it makes a difference.
  5. Television: catch up with Doctor Who before Series 10 starts. Review the Moffat era on the new blog. Catch up on Agents of SHIELD and Luke Cage. Keep up with Steven Universe. Watch Gravity Falls. Catch up on Adventure Time.
  6. Video games: Beat Pkmn Sun. Unlock Tropical Country in Story of Seasons. Get Trio of Towns. Work on Animal Parade. Buy Breath of the Wild? Start a new Animal Crossing town? Beat Pkmn Alpha Sapphire.

I think most of these are self-explanatory. This all is just a miscellany of things I want to accomplish, and I can only hope that I’ll be able to find the time for all of it. It may be easier if I lose my temp job (though since I’m with a temp agency, I’ll probably have a new one pretty quickly), though I hate saying that. But I want to get things done, and I might as well make those goals concrete by writing them down.


  1. Visit brother and SIL at least 5 times. Do fun stuff with them.
  2. Go to the zoo at least once. Do Night Vale live again if possible.
  3. Be more active on social media. In particular, TSR, the HWC forums, and Twitter. And on the new blog.
  4. Just talk to people more. Be present.

Socializing has always been difficult for me, especially living as I do with depression and anxiety. Even on the internet, I’m kind of shy, so I’m hoping in the new year to change that and be more active and involved. That includes being active on this blog, so we’ll see how all that shakes out.

Life Miscellany

  1. Get a permanent job. Temping won’t last forever.
  2. Start paying off my student loans.
  3. Keep saving money for just such a purpose.
  4. Keep room clean. Dust once a month. Maybe rearrange the furniture a little? or get a new/better TV stand. Or a bigger bookcase.

Basically what it says on the tin: miscellaneous stuff I need to get done next year. The student loans are looming particularly high, but I’ve got money to pay them off at least a little, so I’m trying not to worry about that. This is the one category I might add a bit more to, but we’ll see how that goes.

All in all, I think I’ve got a healthy set of goals for the new year. I might not accomplish some of them, but the fact that I’m trying at all makes it worth it, at least a little bit. I hope.

What are some of the things you’re hoping to get done in the new year?


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