January 2017 Goals

In addition to making some sweeping goals for the year, I like to make goals for each individual month, so I can track my progress on my yearly goals a little more closely. My January 2017 goals are as follows:

  1. Cut back to three sodas per week.
  2. Walk four laps at the mall twice per week. Even with work.
  3. Stop buying microwave lunches. Get Subway instead, but no chips or drink.
  4. Write 1k for the month. Possibly on The Outpost.
  5. Finish flash fics if they’re not already done.
  6. Read two books, at least one of them new.
  7. Watch eight movies, at least two of them new.
  8. Write one movie review for the blog.
  9. Try to visit my brother and SIL once.
  10. Baking: bake macarons again, this time a flavor from the Hermé book. Bake cookies.
  11. Practice ukulele twice a week. Learn two nursery songs.
  12. Work on the Disney puzzle.
  13. Start the new blog (Scribe the Sky). Post at least once a week.
  14. Watch four episodes of every show I’m behind on. Keep up with others.
  15. Beat Pokémon Sun. Play more Story of Seasons.
  16. Clean and dust room. Decorate like you’ve been meaning to forever.
  17. Figure out payments for student loans.
  18. Save $400 if still employed. $50 if not.

As you can see, there’s a lot I want to get done this month. I’m not sure how I’ll do on some of it (like the video games goal; I don’t feel like I’ve got the time for games these days, but I’m going to try anyway). Nevertheless, I have my hopes set high. It’s a new week, a new month, and a new year. Anything can happen, and I can make it happen however I want.

What are some things you want to get done this month?


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