January: Mid-Month Progress Report

It’s just about halfway through the month, so I thought I would do a quick progress post for my January goals. I’m not gonna say I’ve made great progress, but some things have been happening, which is better than nothing at all.

My healthy living goals have kind of been happening. I’ve cut back on soda like I wanted, and I haven’t been eating out as often. The exercise… has not been as much of a thing. I counted some extra walking and standing at work the first week, but my second week has been rather lacking. It hasn’t helped that this weekend is being taken up by a trip to California for a relative’s funeral. Can’t exactly do a lot of exercise when you’re crammed in a car for 48 straight hours. I’m hoping to improve when we get back, though.

Writing wise, I’m doing okay. I’ve been working piecemeal on The Outpost while at work, which is better than absolutely no writing at all. I haven’t touched my flash fiction stories since early December. To be frank, I don’t really feel inspired by my ideas anymore. I may start the course over, or at least try to finish the ideas that I do like. For now, I’m content to keep working on The Outpost, and glean my progress to 1000 words from there.

As for all the other stuff… I wonder sometimes if I’m too ambitious when I set goals like these. I want to do too much, then get overwhelmed and end up doing none of it. I haven’t practiced ukulele at all, or worked on that puzzle. While I’m in the middle of one book, and I’ve seen one movie, I’m not sure I’ll be able to meet my goals this month. You’d think I’d be proud of the progress I have made, and would have confidence because of it, but all I seem to get out of it is more stress. Stress that I’m not doing well enough, that I’m a failure if I don’t do everything I said I’d do. But the only one judging me is me. I highly doubt any of you lovely people are going to think I’m The Worst if I don’t meet some goals.

And this turned into a discussion of the philosophy of goal setting rather than a discussion of progress. Whoops. I haven’t been catching up on my shows, but I have been keeping up with the new episodes of Sherlock. Rather than play games I already have, I went and bought a new copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and have been entertaining myself with that. My room remains unclean and undecorated. I’m saving money, at least, but I still need to sort out of my imminent student loan payments. I haven’t done any baking or visiting. I still feel like I’m trying to get by with my work schedule and life schedule, and now all this stuff is on top of it.

So this progress update is mostly just to say that I haven’t made much progress. And if I add “yet” to the end of that sentence, I might just be able to believe I can get it all done.


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