February 2017 Goals

It’s a new month, which means a new set of goals to shoot for. I’ve aimed a little higher in some areas and lower in others, but I think my goals for this month are achievable. Hopefully.

  1. Stick to 3 sodas/week. Try to limit caffeine as well.
  2. Exercise 2 times/week. Either walk at the mall or half an hour on the recumbent bike.
  3. Eat less junk food, and more fruit and veggies.
  4. Write 1000 words on whatever. Probably The Oupost.
  5. Try the flash fiction course again.
  6. Read at least two books, one of them new.
  7. Watch 10 movies. Make time for movies in the morning.
  8. Knitting: seriously finish up the blanket. Start working on the lace scarf again.
  9. Baking: make macarons again, really really. Maybe bake Dad a coconut cake for his birthday.
  10. Work on the Disney puzzle. Put down at least 100 pieces.
  11. Video games: Get back into Pokemon Sun and maybe Story of Seasons. Work on Calliope and Illien, my Animal Crossing towns. Post on my AC blog some more.
  12. Catch up on Doctor Who. Start catching up on Agents of SHIELD. Finish up with Sherlock. Keep up with Steven Universe.
  13. Update blog once a week, but twice a week if I can manage. Life updates, DW reviews, movie reviews. Whatever stuff. Tweet 10 times (instagram crossposting does not count).
  14. Practice ukulele for actual this time, twice a week. Learn 5 chords. Learn two nursery songs.
  15. Visit brother and SIL again, either with my parents or without.
  16. Make first student loan payment if my consolidation application goes through.
  17. Save $400 if still employed. $50 if not.

It’s quite a lot of stuff, to be honest. But I’m determined to make at least some of it happen, so I’ll keep you posted on what I get done and what I don’t.

What are some things you want to get done this month?


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