General Life Update No. 2

Hello. Been a while, hasn’t it? I assure you that I haven’t evaporated, but my life has been in a slight upheaval the last couple of weeks, hence the not-posting.

I quit my job last week, for one. It was changing to something I wasn’t comfortable with (something more high-stress and thus probably panic-attack-inducing), so. Yeah. Hopefully the temp agency will find me another placement soon.

I haven’t been writing. I haven’t been doing a lot of stuff, because my life has (once again) been taken over by a new video game. This time it’s the latest in the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons series, Trio of Towns. I’ve already made it to year 2 in-game and I’m having a lot of fun. There are goals to meet and so on so it’s keeping me entertained. I think I’m probably playing it a little too much, but oh well. At least I’m having fun.

I haven’t been doing a lot of things, to be honest. I almost don’t want to do a mid-month report on my goals because I feel like I’ve done next to none of them. At first it was because I didn’t have time due to my job and its weird hours, and now it’s just because I’m lazy.

…I’m probably being too hard on myself.

Things: I have seen one and a half movies this month. Half because I got too disgusted with the new Beauty and the Beast to sit through it to the end. You might want to expect a rant on that subject in the near future. If I can convince myself that being angry for the hour or so needed to bang it out is worth the stress.

Nevertheless, I am still here. I will be posting again soon. I hope.


Bullet Journal: Week One

It’s officially been a week since I started my bullet journal, and I must say that thus far I am enjoying the journey. Already I find that I am keeping better track of my life. I like the winding down that my bujo affords me every night as I go over what I accomplished that day and reflect on the things that make me feel good about myself. The bullet journal is making more attentive about my everyday life, which I am grateful for.

I love the bullet journal format. While I don’t think I’m using the daily log to its full extent, I still like that I can use it to come up with a daily to-do list. Marking things off with an X through the bullet gives me a sense of accomplishment, and being able to move things forward to another day helps stave off those feelings of disappointment in myself.

The monthly and weekly modules I created for myself are also helping me a lot. I find I’m eager to keep up streaks on my monthly habit tracker, and that I’m watching my spending now that I’ve limited myself to a single spread for my expenses. I am also immensely grateful for the self-esteem journal my therapist encouraged me to include in my bujo. It makes me reflect on the positives of every day, which is something I sorely need (especially now that I’m tapering off one of my meds, with all the delightful side effects that entails).

Overall, I’m greatly enjoying my bullet journal experience thus far. I think I’ll be able to keep it up for this month and hopefully beyond.

Linked here is a photoset I posted on Instagram of the first week in my bullet journal. Let me know what you think in the comments!

March 2017 Goals

I did my February round-up yesterday, which means it’s time to post a whole new set of goals for the coming month! Without further ado, here are my  March 2017 Goals:

  1. Keep up with 3 soda days/week. Try to cut back to just 3 sodas/week.
  2. Seriously start exercising twice a week. Either walk (at the mall or the park) or do the recumbent bike.
  3. Eat better. More fresh food, fewer microwave options.
  4. Bullet journal: keep up with it all month. Keep up with the handwriting practice. Do #RockYourHandwriting every day.
  5. Writing: write 1k. Finish those flash fics. Prep for Camp NaNo.
  6. Reading: finish a damn book.
  7. Movies: watch 10 movies, 5 of them new to me.
  8. Television: keep up with Steven Universe. Seriously catch up on Doctor Who. Everything else is a bonus.
  9. Baking: bake macarons, that’s all I ask of you.
  10. Video games: new games this month. Play them. Figure out the whole LP thing.
  11. Knitting: finish the blanket; work on the scarf.
  12. Practice ukulele twice a week or more.
  13. Keep up with one blog post/week. Two if possible.
  14. Figure out student loans and what’s going on with them.
  15. Save $400 if still employed. $200 if not.
  16. Visit brother and SIL. Figure out if we’re doing Night Vale again.

I’ve once again tried to sort of lower my standards, so I actually have a chance at achieving some of these goals. For example, I’ve learned that I never know what’s going to catch my fancy with video games, but that I’m drawn to the newness of some games to me. So the goal there is to play the new games I’m getting, since they’ll probably capture my attention better. I’m hoping that shooting a bit lower will improve my success rate this month.

What are you planning to get done this month?

February: Goals Round-up

Another month has gone by, which means it’s time to go over my monthly goals and see where I measured up. While I didn’t do spectacularly this month, I still got some stuff done. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Stick to 3 sodas/week. Try to limit caffeine as well.
  • Exercise 2 times/week. Either walk at the mall or half an hour on the recumbent bike.
  • Eat less junk food, and more fruit and veggies.

I did about half of these. I did a good job with soda, and I exercised a little, and I’ve started drinking fruit smoothies. On the other hand, I had more microwave and non-Subway fast food that I care to count, and I really fell off the wagon (again) with exercise. I’ve set basically the same goals for March in this arena, so let’s hope that I improve.

  • Write 1000 words on whatever. Probably The Oupost.
  • Try the flash fiction course again.

I wrote about 1700 words this month, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. All these words were on my flash fiction stories, mostly from writing and rewriting the beginnings. I need to pick up work again on these stories, before I lose my enthusiasm and have to start over again.

  • Read at least two books, one of them new.
  • Watch 10 movies. Make time for movies in the morning.
  • Knitting: seriously finish up the blanket. Start working on the lace scarf again.
  • Baking: make macarons again, really really. Maybe bake Dad a coconut cake for his birthday.

First half of the hobby goals here. I once again failed to finish any books this month, which I believe is as much a time management problem as anything else. Even when I picked an old favorite as an “easy” read, I still didn’t quite get around to finishing it. I did, however, start making time for movies. I watched nine different films this month, ten if you count seeing La La Land again. I have high hopes of meeting and perhaps exceeding my movie goal next month. Knitting did not happen, not even a little. I avoided making macarons again, but I did bake that coconut cake for my dad’s birthday. All in all, it’s about halfsies with these goals.

  • Work on the Disney puzzle. Put down at least 100 pieces.
  • Video games: Get back into Pokemon Sun and maybe Story of Seasons. Work on Calliope and Illien, my Animal Crossing towns. Post on my AC blog some more.
  • Catch up on Doctor Who. Start catching up on Agents of SHIELD. Finish up with Sherlock. Keep up with Steven Universe.
  • Update blog once a week, but twice a week if I can manage. Life updates, DW reviews, movie reviews. Whatever stuff. Tweet 10 times (instagram crossposting does not count).
  • Practice ukulele for actual this time, twice a week. Learn 5 chords. Learn two nursery songs.

I did not put down 100 pieces on the Disney puzzle. More like 15. Maybe. Video games were, as I described in an earlier post, kind of taken over by Terraria. I haven’t even managed to stay totally caught up on Steven Universe, to say nothing of all those others. Ukulele happened a little bit, but then tapered off into nothing. In fact, the only thing out of this little grouping that I did manage to do was update my blog semi-regularly, and even that was a near thing.

  • Visit brother and SIL again, either with my parents or without.
  • Make first student loan payment if my consolidation application goes through.
  • Save $400 if still employed. $50 if not.

I did visit my brother and SIL (and their adorable new puppy!) with my parents a couple of weekends ago. Yay for that. My consolidation application on my student loans just went through yesterday, so I did not make that first payment, but at least that’s due to circumstances beyond my control. And even though a debit card snafu made gradual saving impossible, I still put away $400 this month, because I thankfully still have a job.

I won’t say I did spectacularly this month, but I didn’t do too bad, either. I got some things done, even in piecemeal ways, and I celebrate that.

What did you get done (or not get done) this past month?