February: Goals Round-up

Another month has gone by, which means it’s time to go over my monthly goals and see where I measured up. While I didn’t do spectacularly this month, I still got some stuff done. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Stick to 3 sodas/week. Try to limit caffeine as well.
  • Exercise 2 times/week. Either walk at the mall or half an hour on the recumbent bike.
  • Eat less junk food, and more fruit and veggies.

I did about half of these. I did a good job with soda, and I exercised a little, and I’ve started drinking fruit smoothies. On the other hand, I had more microwave and non-Subway fast food that I care to count, and I really fell off the wagon (again) with exercise. I’ve set basically the same goals for March in this arena, so let’s hope that I improve.

  • Write 1000 words on whatever. Probably The Oupost.
  • Try the flash fiction course again.

I wrote about 1700 words this month, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. All these words were on my flash fiction stories, mostly from writing and rewriting the beginnings. I need to pick up work again on these stories, before I lose my enthusiasm and have to start over again.

  • Read at least two books, one of them new.
  • Watch 10 movies. Make time for movies in the morning.
  • Knitting: seriously finish up the blanket. Start working on the lace scarf again.
  • Baking: make macarons again, really really. Maybe bake Dad a coconut cake for his birthday.

First half of the hobby goals here. I once again failed to finish any books this month, which I believe is as much a time management problem as anything else. Even when I picked an old favorite as an “easy” read, I still didn’t quite get around to finishing it. I did, however, start making time for movies. I watched nine different films this month, ten if you count seeing La La Land again. I have high hopes of meeting and perhaps exceeding my movie goal next month. Knitting did not happen, not even a little. I avoided making macarons again, but I did bake that coconut cake for my dad’s birthday. All in all, it’s about halfsies with these goals.

  • Work on the Disney puzzle. Put down at least 100 pieces.
  • Video games: Get back into Pokemon Sun and maybe Story of Seasons. Work on Calliope and Illien, my Animal Crossing towns. Post on my AC blog some more.
  • Catch up on Doctor Who. Start catching up on Agents of SHIELD. Finish up with Sherlock. Keep up with Steven Universe.
  • Update blog once a week, but twice a week if I can manage. Life updates, DW reviews, movie reviews. Whatever stuff. Tweet 10 times (instagram crossposting does not count).
  • Practice ukulele for actual this time, twice a week. Learn 5 chords. Learn two nursery songs.

I did not put down 100 pieces on the Disney puzzle. More like 15. Maybe. Video games were, as I described in an earlier post, kind of taken over by Terraria. I haven’t even managed to stay totally caught up on Steven Universe, to say nothing of all those others. Ukulele happened a little bit, but then tapered off into nothing. In fact, the only thing out of this little grouping that I did manage to do was update my blog semi-regularly, and even that was a near thing.

  • Visit brother and SIL again, either with my parents or without.
  • Make first student loan payment if my consolidation application goes through.
  • Save $400 if still employed. $50 if not.

I did visit my brother and SIL (and their adorable new puppy!) with my parents a couple of weekends ago. Yay for that. My consolidation application on my student loans just went through yesterday, so I did not make that first payment, but at least that’s due to circumstances beyond my control. And even though a debit card snafu made gradual saving impossible, I still put away $400 this month, because I thankfully still have a job.

I won’t say I did spectacularly this month, but I didn’t do too bad, either. I got some things done, even in piecemeal ways, and I celebrate that.

What did you get done (or not get done) this past month?


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