March 2017 Goals

I did my February round-up yesterday, which means it’s time to post a whole new set of goals for the coming month! Without further ado, here are my  March 2017 Goals:

  1. Keep up with 3 soda days/week. Try to cut back to just 3 sodas/week.
  2. Seriously start exercising twice a week. Either walk (at the mall or the park) or do the recumbent bike.
  3. Eat better. More fresh food, fewer microwave options.
  4. Bullet journal: keep up with it all month. Keep up with the handwriting practice. Do #RockYourHandwriting every day.
  5. Writing: write 1k. Finish those flash fics. Prep for Camp NaNo.
  6. Reading: finish a damn book.
  7. Movies: watch 10 movies, 5 of them new to me.
  8. Television: keep up with Steven Universe. Seriously catch up on Doctor Who. Everything else is a bonus.
  9. Baking: bake macarons, that’s all I ask of you.
  10. Video games: new games this month. Play them. Figure out the whole LP thing.
  11. Knitting: finish the blanket; work on the scarf.
  12. Practice ukulele twice a week or more.
  13. Keep up with one blog post/week. Two if possible.
  14. Figure out student loans and what’s going on with them.
  15. Save $400 if still employed. $200 if not.
  16. Visit brother and SIL. Figure out if we’re doing Night Vale again.

I’ve once again tried to sort of lower my standards, so I actually have a chance at achieving some of these goals. For example, I’ve learned that I never know what’s going to catch my fancy with video games, but that I’m drawn to the newness of some games to me. So the goal there is to play the new games I’m getting, since they’ll probably capture my attention better. I’m hoping that shooting a bit lower will improve my success rate this month.

What are you planning to get done this month?


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