Scribe the Sky is the blogspace of Katheryne Newman.

Who am I? I’m a twentysomething wannabe writer with a Bachelor’s degree in English with Creative Writing. I love books and writing, and movies and television. I like to write about all those things. (My minor was in Film Studies, so.) I have a million hobbies, or what feels like it, anyway–I knit, I bake, I’m trying to teach myself ukulele, among many other things.

Who am I? I’m a girl living with depression and anxiety who’s trying to learn how to not let those things define her life. I’m on medication and am going to therapy, which are both big helps, and I’m lucky enough to live with parents who are understanding and loving. It’s a struggle sometimes to carry on, but when I can remember who I really am, it helps. I take pleasure in the things I love, and try to build my life around what I am rather than what I’m not.

In this blog, I hope to share my thoughts and experiences, both as a writer and as a person. I’ll definitely talk about my craft, but also expect to see reviews of movies and television, and general posts about my life and hobbies. Most of all, I hope to be a consistent blogger, offering something new at least every week, and hopefully more frequently than that.

Thank you for coming here, and I hope you enjoy the show.