Bullet Journal: Week One

It’s officially been a week since I started my bullet journal, and I must say that thus far I am enjoying the journey. Already I find that I am keeping better track of my life. I like the winding down that my bujo affords me every night as I go over what I accomplished that day and reflect on the things that make me feel good about myself. The bullet journal is making more attentive about my everyday life, which I am grateful for.

I love the bullet journal format. While I don’t think I’m using the daily log to its full extent, I still like that I can use it to come up with a daily to-do list. Marking things off with an X through the bullet gives me a sense of accomplishment, and being able to move things forward to another day helps stave off those feelings of disappointment in myself.

The monthly and weekly modules I created for myself are also helping me a lot. I find I’m eager to keep up streaks on my monthly habit tracker, and that I’m watching my spending now that I’ve limited myself to a single spread for my expenses. I am also immensely grateful for the self-esteem journal my therapist encouraged me to include in my bujo. It makes me reflect on the positives of every day, which is something I sorely need (especially now that I’m tapering off one of my meds, with all the delightful side effects that entails).

Overall, I’m greatly enjoying my bullet journal experience thus far. I think I’ll be able to keep it up for this month and hopefully beyond.

Linked here is a photoset I posted on Instagram of the first week in my bullet journal. Let me know what you think in the comments!


Bullet Journal Beginnings

This past weekend I bought, as I am wont to do, a notebook. The notebook turned out to be unlined, dashing my hopes of making it a gaming diary. And then I had a thought, and that thought was, “Why don’t I try my hand at a bullet journal?”

This is not the place to come if you want an explanation of what a bullet journal is, and how to make one. For that I recommend bulletjournal.com and maybe also this Buzzfeed article, and Boho Berry’s Bullet Journal 101 series. I think I’ve got a handle on what it is and what I can do with it, but only just. It’s basically a journal-slash-planner thing. You create yearly, monthly, and even weekly overviews, which you use fill in with tasks and events and appointments. Then you keep a daily log, which you use bullets of different styles to fill in so you know what you’re looking at with a glance. The daily log can be a to-do list, but it’s also where you can record notes and thoughts and quotes and basically anything you can think of. I’ve fiddled with the format for a few days and I’m really enjoying it.

What I’m really drawn to is the customizability of the bullet journal. It doesn’t have to be a straight planner/journal. You can use it to track all kinds of things. In my soon to be personal bujo (the popular abbreviation for it), I’m planning pages to track my daily habits, my spending, and even a little self-esteem log suggested by my therapist. I’m excited to get started on my bullet journal journey, even if I don’t half know what I’m doing.

I will own I’m also attracted to the pretty touches people add to their journals, which you can see if you take a traipse through the #bulletjournal tag on Instagram. I like the colored pens and markers, and the washi tape and fancy lettering. (I’ve even started doing some handwriting drills to make my lettering neater.) I’m not a very artistic person, but I’ve been told I have a decent design sense, so that’s something, isn’t it? At least I think it is. I’m willing to try anything out, and if I make a mistake, oh well. It happens.

All that said, what I’m really hoping to get out of the bullet journal system is consistency. I used to write journal entries every day. I did it for about seven years straight, almost never missing, and then my depression got the better of me and I stopped. I’ve tried to get back into it, but never been able to. The bullet journal seems to me a way to journal without worrying too much about time commitments; it only takes about ten minutes to fill out bullets of what I did today, and what I plan to do tomorrow, plus any notes along the way. More than anything, I hope my bullet journal journey gets me back in the habit of recording my days, so I don’t lose the memories of the fun stuff that happened.

Do you journal at all? Have you tried bullet journaling, or wanted to? Let me know in the comments below.

(Note: I start my proper bullet journal this coming Monday; I’ll be sure to share pictures after I’ve made it through my first week!)